It all started when…

The company started as Zipfy Inc. with the launch of the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge in 2006, soon to become a global success in the winter sports category. A few years later, the company expanded its offerings into children’s toys and outdoor sporting goods, with a new overarching company moniker Great Circle Works.

Today, in addition to managing its core brands, the company is incubating and developing disruptive and compelling product brands in a wide variety of industries. We currently manage and invest in businesses under the updated name GCW Ventures.

The GCW Mission:

  • Create compelling, high quality brands that promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Collaborate with inventors and designers to build long lasting product businesses with attention to design

  • Support other businesses and help build other great brands through our global distribution

  • Contribute to growing innovation in product design and engineering

GCW Ventures focuses on building businesses that get people outdoors, being healthy and feeling young - this is what matters to us. Whether they are racing down a mountain on Zipfy snow sled, enjoying nature and relaxing in a Chillax travel hammock, or having a picnic in the park with a Pizzotto, our products invigorate people to be healthy and active.